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Pure Conspiracy

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When I first joined PURE Fitness in HK, I vowed never to wear the free workout clothes that they offered to all their members. I mean, when you think about how many times those faded black t-shirts and shorts have been drenched in other people's sweat, it's no wonder (yeeeeuck!).

However, it didn't take long before I succumbed to wearing the PURE uniform more and more due to pure laziness. For one, I didn't have to plan/bring what to wear at the gym anymore, and it totally saved me from doing any more laundry than I already had to. :D 

BUT! Has anyone else noticed how deliberately unfashionable their outfits are?! Don't get me wrong, I love my gym, but why is it that the more I go, the more I feel like a big fat blob? After some serious thinking, I've finally figured it out:

PURE wants us to feel fat(!!)

The over-sized, faded black t-shirts that drape over our bodies...the super high-cut, white sport socks that make any leg look chunkier...the nylon shorts with a tiny elastic waistband made to squeeze all your stomach fat into the bubbliest muffin top there ever existed...and the built-in underwear that's just thin enough to turn into a built-in thong once you break into a jog.

Of course, I could just start bringing my own workout tops and shorts...but when it comes down to muffin top vs. extra laundry...pass the muffins please! :)
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Alfred Kee said...

Girl, that is gross! I can't even use the shared yoga mats because I don't know who has sweated in them. I can't believe you are forgoing hygiene for laziness. What if the person before you had ringworm or some other fungus. Yuck!

Miss Fong said...

Dude!! They powerwash everything before it gets steamed, dried and folded back into the shelves!! Lol you make it sound like I just ripped the shirt off some sweaty guy and put it on myself!! *shakes head* Seriously, if you go into Pure, you'll see that 90% of all members are wearing the borrowed clothes. Even the germaphobic eventually give in...haha!

khswwlchan said...

Miss Fong, that is good observation about big fat slop these uniforms' subliminal effect. I do not wear gym's work out clothes, why would anyone want to look so unattractive while the purpose of going to a gym is to improve your health and your appearnce!


BBDD :D said...

They're ugly to prevent guys from having boners at the Gym, those shorts are thin...

Also, I like the new layout. That bottlecap picture, judging from the Fishes, must be drawn by C...


ko0ty said...

Wow I never heard of a gym that lends you clothes to wear... only in Asia I guess. Hehe.

I think it's essential for women to have cute work out clothes that compliments their bodies because it's easier to see your body and it's changes that way and once you see results (in a cute top), it's total motivation!