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Gentlemen, start your cameras...

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Despite NOT being a speed freak, I found myself peeling my eyelids apart at 6am this morning to catch the puke-mobile over to Macau for the Grand Prix today, and I think I finally understand what all the fuss is about.

Besides the actual races, drivers, crews, booze and the "it's-so-loud-I-can-feel-my-stomach-jiggling" roar off the tracks, let's face it -- it's all about the hoochie mamas!

Check out this crowd of pervographers surrounding these leggy ladies:

You can clearly see that some photographers are already falling in love...

And, you can practically hear the jolly laughter coming out of this chubster as he sandwiches himself between these two leng-mos:

(Note the built-in thong design of her skirt -- such a considerate design for anyone seeking a skanky look that doesn't compromise on comfort!)

So, although the 58th Macau Grand Prix has wrapped up for this year, I'm sure these men will have plenty of material to stroke their telephoto lenses at until the next race rolls around.

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Al K said...

Miss Fong, just look at these guys...you think they're "getting any"? Pervography is all they've got going for them. National Geographic photography might get you fame and closer to nature, but not closer to hoochie mamas! Pathetic, but only as much as the entire concept of import models.

karentanfong said...

hilarious. one wonders why the "skong" (skirt thong) isn't more popular amongst skanksters.