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Unsightly sightings

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I dunno why but the past week has been full of unsightly sightings, like:

1. Last Friday, the showers at the gym stopped working, and some chick was walking around with a towel covering just the front of her crotch (but not the back). As a result, when she walked away, I couldn't help but see her bare ass and her brown ass crack - UGH!

2. If that wasn't enough, when I later bent down to untie my shoes, the lady next to me JUST happened to pull down her pants, resulting in my face being 2 inches away from her bare and clammy ass! :O

3. A few days later, an older white lady was blow-drying her hair facing the mirror completely nude, and her body was so scrawny I could see her ribs, not to mention her ass, which was so flat it had multiple folds under the buttocks (::shudder::)

4. Then, there was a chubby woman in the change room who decided to apply body lotion while completely nude, with one leg up on the bench, giving everyone who passed by a clear shot into her you-know-what.

5. Last but not least, at a recent lingerie show, one of the models had on a bodysuit so tight, the crotch of it rode up and squeezed one side of her labia out!! :O Ugh!!

What is UP with that?! I'm so glad this week is almost over... hopefully next week will be much less visual. :P

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thedeadcockroach said...

You buy lottery? Don't.

Xenia Olivia said...

Haha your blog is hilarious!

Come take a look at my Hong Kong experience :)

xx Olivia


tiffany_keep_going said...

lol, i live in hk for 20 years but i never had such hilarious experience before!! maybe it's becoz i seldom go to the gym :P