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My evil thoughts

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Sometimes, I get these evil thoughts. Like today, when this elderly Mandarin-speaking woman in front of me at the MTR customer service counter opened her mouth wide, turned towards me and started making these deep and dry-throated "BLEH-EH-EHH" noises.

Apparently, she had some phlegm lodged in her throat, and believed that the longer the "BLEHHH" the more chunks of phlegm she could move upwards into her mouth. It was pretty gross, and as expected my "WTF" face didn't faze her at all. Even the guy inside of the MTR service counter looked disturbed.

It's moments like these when the evil thoughts occur, like how I imagined hacking up and spitting a giant phlegm ball into her face (if only I knew how to hack phlegm up). Unfortunately, it's a skill I never picked up, but the thought of doing so brought a small smile to my face. :)

(And before all you haters post a nasty comment below -- yes, I'm a horrible, horrible person :P)

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Anonymous said...

I'd do the same if I could.

Samantha ★ said...

When I was in hong kong. We were in a line up at McDonalds. This mandari mainland Chinaa lady and her "translator" was SO close to our back we could barely move. There were plenty of space, but my mom's back and bum was touching her stomach and boobs. lol I wanted to snap a picture, but instead I tweeted about it. So unnecessary.

Cleo said...

Are the Cantonese so despised by fellow Chinese for being Blood Elves or for being fortunate enough to have had the earliest opportunity at immigration so that now we are being given up totally - our food, our language and probably our ancestral region is going to be co-opted by the Japanese because Beijing doesn't care about us:

Japanese are even now repackaging Cantonese phrases as Japanese IMPROVING the Chinese language: