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Another A**hole

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Last week, I was waiting for the lift in my building when I encountered yet another a**hole. They're everywhere, I'm telling ya!

Anyway, what happened was, the elevator doors opened, a woman came out, and a dorky-looking HK business man stayed inside. I stepped in, asking him whether the lift was going down (as I only needed to go down 1 floor), and he hastily nodded his head while pressing the 'Close' button repeatedly.

Within a second, I felt the floor RISING beneath me and realized he was on his way up to the 49TH floor!!?!! WTF!? I looked at him and exclaimed,"I asked if you were going down!!" to which he had no reaction whatsoever except looking down at the ground.

At this point, I started pressing every button in the lift in an effort to try and stop it, but didn't succeed until I had already reached '30'. The door opened, I got out, and needed to wait another 5 looong, unnecessary minutes to catch a lift going down again.

What an A**!!!!!! I totally regret not being able to push more buttons from 31-49!!! ARGH!!
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