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Laff of the day

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I got this in my inbox from a Mainland colleague who replied to all following a company-wide announcement:

"恭喜 (Congratulations) MICHEAL, WE'RE ALWAYS BE THE BACK OF YOU."

Translation: We'll always be your backside. Haha!!
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My shadow speaks!

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Have you ever wondered what your shadow would say, if it could only speak? Well, I found out last night.

After my dance class, I decided to do some window shopping along Granville Road in TST on my way to my bus stop. The first place I saw had a few fashionable looking mannequins out front, so I went in.

Feeling the fabric of a black halter top betwen my fingers, I heard a small voice behind me say, "It's nice, isn't it?"

"Um, yea..." I muttered, continuing to touch and feel a few other tops.

I moved onto a silky dress, hmm, smooth...I wonder if it comes in- "It comes in black too," the little voice pipped, this time even closer.

"Hm..." The moment I touched another sheer polka-dot shirt dress, I heard, "That's what I'm wearing now."

Snapping out of my daze, I looked to my right and saw a pair of big black eyes staring up at me. "Shall I get you a new one?"

"Um, can you just let me have a look first?" I asked.

Looking deadbeat and bored, the itsy-bitsy HK salesgirl dressed all in black complied, but continued to follow me within millimetres, to the point where I was tempted to fake a muscle spasm just so I could somehow elbow her out of my personal space.

When I left the store, she stood in the doorway like a pale ghost, her quiet voice fading as she said, "What's wrong, didn't you like it...?"
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The wonder of wood

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I've walked by what I used to call the 'silly comb store' between Hong Kong and Central station almost every day on my way to work, but never thought to go in until last weekend.

"Look there," I said to my friend visiting from Tokyo, pointing at the comb store, which sells super niche Chinese combs made of sheep horn and various types of wood. "I wonder if they ever get any business, HA!"

Funny enough, my friend went in and within 5 minutes, she had bought a comb. Who knew that ancient Chinese wooden combs were in demand?! Little did I know, wooden combs:
  • Are smooth, non-static and won't snap/tangle hair
  • Can promote hair growth by effectively massaging the scalp
  • Distribute oil from your scalp to the hair tips, keeping hair healthy
  • Can give you better sleep by combing 50x before bedtime
  • Prevent fainting, "adjusts the guts" and keep your hair black
Okay, I admit, the last one was a little far-fetched. But you get my point!

I was shocked that most people (including myself) didn't know anything about the history and benefits of wooden combs. Needless to say, I bought a small comb for myself for morning and night combing and so far, it feels like my guts have fallen right back into place! ;)
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Shisha Roach!

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I thought my place was immune from cockroaches, thanks to monthly 'pest control' sprayfests, but look what I found on the balcony just a couple nights ago!!!

(Yes, that is a cockroach enjoying shisha...)

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