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Octopus thief

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So, the unthinkable happened. Or rather, the inevitable. My Octopus card, which I was reluctant to link to my credit card for this EXACT reason, went missing.

At first, I thought I'd just misplaced it, so several weeks passed before I decided to check my bank account to see whether someone had actually stolen it. I mean, what were the odds, really? There was nothing on the card that would indicate it being linked to a credit card, and who the hell steals an Octopus card anyway?

The answer: [insert squinty glareSOMEONE.

I'm afraid I have no further details on this certain someone since my only option was to cancel the credit card link and the Octopus card once I saw that the card had been topped up 3-4x since I had lost it. Luckily, it was only HK$150 per time, but it was still a sh*tty feeling to know that someone, somewhere had been using my Octopus card (and spending MY hard earned cash!!).

I did end up canceling the card immediately, but this whole thing got me thinking. Instead of canceling the stolen card, why don't the Octopus authorities just track the spending/traveling pattern of the card to locate the perp, and catch them red-handed instead? It must be pretty easy since you can always see the last 10 trips made on the card, not to mention purchases made.

Why let them off so easy?? Octopus people, I'm talking to you. It's about time you bring justice to Octopus thieves instead of letting them off the hook. Who's with me??

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