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my fave instagrammers

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Nothing cracks me up more than silly animals dressed up/looking funny and/or doing weird things on Instagram! So it should come as no surprise that all my fave Instagrammers are animals. :D

Here are my top five -- who are yours? :)


Roo is an adorable two-legged, T-rex-like chihuahua with monster-truck wheels, a silly :P face and a wide range of wigs inspired by Marilyn and Britney.


Niki the Russian Scottish Fold silver tabby (identity crisis much?) enjoys sitting up like a man and doing various other humanly things.


No other bitch plays dress up as well as this black French bulldog from SF.


Traveling only via Louis Vuitton luggage, Tosti the posh long-haired chihuahua picnics in the park and jet-sets around the world with his ultra-fab Dutch owner.


Quite possibly the fluffiest, angriest and most badass cat in the world. If there ever was a cat god, he'd be it.

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