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Race and the City

Posted by Miss Fong -
Looks like the Hong Kong Jockey Club is getting more creative in trying to lure women to the race track:

I mean, why go to the bar/club when you can dress-up, get a manicure and have your fortune read in tarot cards, all the while in the company of hoards of men who love gambling? It's the perfect place to find your eligible bachelor, dontcha think? :P

I wonder if attracting girls to the horse races is the HKJC's indirect strategy to get more men to come and spend money on the horses. And if so, would it really work? Do they really think that guys will go to the race track to meet girls instead of focusing on #1, 2, 10 or JOLLY WONGCHOY?

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Cunning_Linguist said...

They should do what I do, go hang out in the frozen food section at the grocery store and wait for the girls who are wearing thin t-shirts! Wait, what?

Maybe it has something Freudian to do with horses and money. I dunno.

Evie said...

Manicure (moneycure?), tarot, and feverish men who need entertainement in between two races? Come to think of it, it's not a bad pulling strategy for girls..
The tag line "Be Fab in Feb" is also marketing genius.