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Great balls of fire

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It's been a while since the last Canto lesson, so I thought I'd share another piece of slang that might be quite useful for many of us here in HK:

ngaahn fo baau literally means 'eyes fire explode' and as you can imagine is how you feel when you're angry as hell!

So, the next time someone shoves you out of the way to get into the MTR while the doors are closing causing you to fall backwards onto the ground and flash everyone with your 'scandalous' thong, you'll be able to raise your fist and tell everyone quite poetically how you feel (I'm so mad my eyeballs are on fire!!) :)

Going out of town again! This time Westward... ;)
Have a great week, peoples!
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Unknown said...

hehe great canto lesson. keep up the good work, girl

hkFashionGeek said...

got a laugh out of this canto lesson. stumbled upon your blog randomly, am enjoying reading your previous posts.. hope you will keep posting!
hkFashionGeek from http://hkfashiongeek.com

Anonymous said...

hahaha great drawing! i haven't heard that term in ages!