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Wow...so this is what happens when you don’t blog for a long time. You get a million ideas piled up in your wrinkly brain, only to have them hardened into a rock hard turd that’s near impossible to squeeze out when you finally have time to sit down.

I guess that’s the ‘shitty’ part about being a full-time writer. During the day, we write so much that it becomes a chore to write even more at night (especially when most nights are used for writing whatever we couldn’t finish during the day), so we end up losing any motivation to sit in front of a computer screen at all.

Even so, I won’t and don’t wanna give up. Hopefully, there’s some kind of ex-lax remedy for my case of blogstipation, or at some point, I’ll just painfully explode with a gazillion ideas spilling out of me. Until then, stay tuned for more uninspired bits of writing...
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ruesedaine said...

Miss Fong, you always crack me up.

Unknown said...

Totally feeling you. I get blogstipated a lot too! In my case, when you see a sub-par photo with 3 words of text, that's when (it's happening more and more nowadays)

Anonymous said...

you'll probably suddenly have a ton of ideas that you're inspired to write about and then post like crazy;) Just you wait!