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A crotch cabaret at BISOUS

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I can't say I've ever seen a burlesque show before, but I definitely had something else in mind than last night's performance(s) at BISOUS. 

Let's first clarify that I wasn't there to see the BISOUS girls at all, but a man called Russell Simmons, aka. the 'godfather of hip hop' and founder of Def Jam, who happened to be in town for Diamonds In The Sky, Hong Kong.

The event started out pretty cool with DJ Bravo spinning old skool hip hop tracks with videos projected onto the big screen, but before long, the curtains were drawn and out came the BISOUS gals.

Don't get me wrong, the girls had great bodies, which is probably good enough for most, but something about the perfectly balanced girl group (1 brunette, 1 blonde, 1 black, 1 asian) just bothered me...

It started with some cheesy lip-synching, followed by an insane amount of crotch-flashing. What made it even more creepy was the overly ecstatic, plastered smiles on the girls' heavily made up faces. And instead of being subtly seductive like I expected from burlesque dancers, the BISOUS gals strutted around the stage like horny peacocks, making shrill 'YEOW!' and 'WOOPEE!' sounds as they kicked their legs up behind their ears, did the cartwheels off one another and jumped up and landed in the splits (with a big THUD sound and collective "OUCH!!" from the audience).

During the totally cliche yet obligatory can-can dance, the girls lifted up and waved their frilly skirts around so much that I got tired of seeing all of them crotches, no matter which direction they kicked their legs out to make it look different each time. 

If you happened to miss out on the show, here are a few scenes from it that will forever be etched into my head (and now yours too, unfortunately):

Hope you enjoyed "the show"!!

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Jason said...

HAHA ... and more HAHAHAHA ... sorry still laughing HAHA

binzento said...

Miss Fong:

Those descriptions and images you posted was explicitly graphic. Please consider my well-being. :)
I couldn't help laughing. You made my day.

Cheers :)

Binzento Vincente

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Fong, I am one of the BISOUS girls and I'm sorry if our act offended you but our regular patrons enjoy the crotch displays.

Katy said...

Hahhahaa! Okay those drawings are so hideous... I hope I never see them in real life.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a Can-Can show?? The ones that originated in France? If not, maybe you should find out what it is before making fun of it. However, I'll do the work for you. Below is from Wikipedia:
The can-can (more correctly but less commonly not hyphenated, as in the original French: cancan; French pronunciation: [kɑ̃kɑ̃]) is a high-energy and physically demanding music hall dance, traditionally performed by a chorus line of female dancers who wear costumes with long skirts, petticoats, and black stockings. The main features of the dance are the lifting up and manipulation of the skirts, with high kicking and suggestive, provocative body movements.

Miss Fong said...

@Bisous Gal - Your act didn't offend me, it tickled me so much that I dedicated this entire blog post to you (and your crotches). Lighten up and learn to laugh at yourselves, cuz you know that's what we're all doing anyway...

@Anonymous - I have seen a can-can show before but never have I seen one done so cheesily that I felt sorry and embarrassed for the girls performing... congrats!

I find it hilarious how you girls are coming on here to defend yourselves. Please please please get someone to record you on video and see if you don't die of laughter watching yourselves too.

Razlan said...

This is pure GOLD. In my books, you rank right up there with Jason Hahn.