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Things that make me cringe

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Even though I've lived in Hong Kong for the last three years, there are still so many things that make me cringe, curse or want to punch someone out. You'd think that I'd have gotten used to it by now, but nope. Here they are in no particular order:
  • Gross, yellow, plaque-stained teeth that could so easily be prevented by daily brushing
  • Chewing and talking with clumps of food sloshing around inside of your mouth for everyone to see (please stop)
  • Talk of funky dancing and whether "it really works" (first of all, stay away from funky dancing aka. aerobics on crack and secondly, stop obsessing about losing weight!)
  • People talking on the phone next to you in the MTR that have such bad breath you literally want to tell them about it
  • People not yielding at all when you're walking past them so you end up sliding and rubbing your bodies up against each other (especially when it's a fat dude!)
  • Whenever someone proudly says, "My husband works in China from Monday to Friday so we only see each other on weekends."
  • The sight of the short troll woman in my building with a square-shaped head, pimply skin and the an idiotic smile on her face all the time (super yeung seui!)
Funny enough all of the above happened today in the vicinity of just a few hours... *CRINGEx100*!!

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