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LKF Stump Fisted Beggar

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Our latest beggar is the LKF Stump Fisted Beggar, commonly seen on stairways in and around Lan Kwai Fong. This includes the stairs leading up to the LKF Tower, the stairs going down from Yumla to Baby Buddha, and of course the stairs around the LKF public toilets.

As his name suggests, this beggar has no thumbs or fingers and usually looks gloomy and sad. He has a plastic cup pressed between his stumps for collecting spare change, and he's also known for shaking his stump fist at you while you walk by. Once, he even used it to prod @mystifize, immediately putting her into turbo mode as she raced down the steps.

It's unknown how much the LKF Stump Fisted Beggar manages to make each night, as I've never seen his cup even half full. Perhaps he would make more money by putting his stump fists into good use, such as becoming a masseuse, bread kneader or African drummer...
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Anonymous said...

Hahaha you actually wrote the post! Thanks for making me relive this again...The up close drawing of the stumpy fist looks surprisingly cute though =/

Michael said...

HAHAHAAHAHHAHAA. Oh, how you make me miss Hong Kong.