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Picking your battles

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A couple days ago, an innocent HK lady was attacked on the MTR by a psychotic Mainland woman. After making eye contact, the Mainland woman thought she heard the HK lady cursing her, so she walked up to her, took out her knife (which she normally used for self defense, she said) and started slashing. Even after the knife broke in two, she picked up the blade with her bare hands to continue her attack!

But enough with my boring commentary. Watch this action-packed video (courtesy of Apple Daily) to see how it all went down! This has gotta be one of my favourite things about Hong Kong: serious events (usually gory and violent) turned comical thanks to silly comic strips and in-house animations. I mean, imagine the delight of the team who had to make these visuals overnight!

"OK, who wants to draw the crazy lady?"
"Me me me me meee!"
"Who wants to do the voiceover of the girl getting attacked?"
"Ooo, me me me! I've got an amazing shriek!"

The soundtrack to the video is just awesome and I love all the irrelevant details. I mean, maybe I'm missing something but why did they mention that the guy who picked up the knife in the end had just bought a cake (is it an attempt at irony, or simply an ad for Maxim's!?)?

Anyway, this incident has made me rethink all the battles I usually pick in the MTR. From staring competitions to the ol' push and shove (and occasional kick), I wonder if it's just best to put on your coldest stone face and act like no one around you really exists. Hmm...sound familiar? So if you're still wondering why HK people never make eye contact, you now have your answer!
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Zombiehellmonkey said...

where's batman when you need him?

Katy said...

The video doesn't work!

I was in HK last month and I didn't have any bad experiences on the MTR at all ... but then I'm glad I didn't experience this.

Miss Fong said...

Hi ko0ty!

The video works for me? Here's a link to the YouTube video posted by the 'i hate hong kong' blogger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQHFr5t1MKg&feature=player_embedded

paulnsimon said...

Whoah...that's nuts!!