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Japan's version of Face Off!

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Ahh, Japan. What would we do without your creepy inventions? 

I'm annoyed that I didn't come across these earlier as they would have been perfect for Halloween! What I'm talking about are the plastic face masks made by Japanese company Real-F that are an exact replica of … YOUR FACE (or anyone else's). 

Hello, beautiful!
The details are down to the pores, moles, eyelashes, and blood vessels, which they create by taking pictures of your face from various angles and imprinting it on a vinyl chloride resin over a mold. 

Don't forget to SMILE :D because the last thing you'd want to do is give anyone the slightest hint that your face isn't real (a pleasant pseudo-smile works best).

This "shocked look" will likely attract stares.
So, why make a replica mask? I can think of a few reasons ... you could freeze the way you look at this moment, make love to yourself (kinkeh), or finally get people to understand what it's like to be you - just make sure they don't do anything illegal while wearing it!

In either case, masks cost US$3,920 for the first one and US$780 for additional copies (here).  Check out this video from Apple Daily showing the mask in action (where nobody even bats an eye)! 

They even show how this disguise could potentially be used by terrorists to smuggle themselves across borders, in addition to a super easy way to forge someone's fingerprints. Watch out!!

Pictures from Geekologie.com

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