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Cantonese 101

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Wow, time flies!! Especially in HK. Even though there seem to be more waking hours in the day, including hours where you can eat, shop or just hang out away from home, the time just slips away quicker than ever.

We've been in HK for a month now, and Halloween is tomorrow (gasp!). We don't have any plans yet (double gasp!!) which is astonishing, since it's actually my favourite day of the year, usually. This year might be a lil different, since I a) don't have any of my halloween gear here, and b) don't have a party to hit up :(

Of course there are a ton of expat things going on in Lan Kwai Fong and various clubs (with a hefty price tag attached, of course), but it just isn't the same without good friends around. Sigh... I guess we'll let you know how it ends up!


On another note, I recently bought a book called Cantonese Colloquialisms to expand my vocabulary, and it has the most ridiculous/hilarious things in it. Mind you, I've only read the first few pages, which funnily enough is all about bugs, but a few phrases stick out in particular.

For example, have you ever heard the phrase 'juhk chung yup see fut'? Literally, it means to catch a worm and put it up your a**. Apparently, it means bringing trouble to oneself (no kidding).

So, if you were to use it in a sentence, it'd be, "Oh, you've got blisters, have you? Who told you to walk in those 5" heels?? You totally caught a worm and shoved it up your a**!"

So there you go. Your first lesson in Cantonese, by yours truly.

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Michael said...


My name is Michael, I'm 17 and I go to school and live in Hong Kong.


How can you teach 'jhuk chung yup see fut' in your first Cantonese 101 lesson?!

That is so crazy; I like you already. :D

I also like the post about Hong Kong styled names. Although, it's a shame that foreigners will never understand until they actually come to Hong Kong and live here, don't you agree?

Anyway, I'm going to follow you. Visit my blog if find the time: http://doyouhateittoo.blogspot.com/