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Dust, smog and soot

Posted by Miss Fong -
As most people know, HK isn’t known to have the best air quality. Most of the time, the view of the skyline is covered in a thick layer of fog/smog, and the air is thick and heavy. Luckily it’s lightened up a bit these days due to heavy rain, but it sure is dusty, especially inside our place!

Just a few hours after wiping up, a layer of dust forms again. My aunt says it’s cuz we live on the 3rd floor, so all the pollution flies right in. =( We’ve gotta figure out a solution to this, so if anyone knows anything, tell us!! So far we’ve just been closing the windows more often…

Funny too – they don’t have SWIFFER here (where it’s MOST needed)! They’ve got all these imitation brands from Japan/3M, but it just ain’t the same. They’re not as staticky, and don’t have that 3D structure that traps dust so well. We shoulda brought ours over, dammit! It was the smoothest thing ever with a smart swivel head…

*dreams away of Swiffering S-shapes throughout the apartment*
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Boughton??!!!?? said...

ill send you a swiffer!!! :)