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What's in a name?

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Lately, I’ve been looking thru the Nike address book in China/HK a little bit and couldn’t help noticing the interesting choice of names. Note I said ‘choice’, because I’m pretty sure these names were not the doings of parents, I mean, they are too downright egoistical and/or cute to have been, right??

So, how exactly does one name him/herself here? It seems that some people picked names that would easily start up conversations, since they were all weather-related:

(Note: all names are real, unchanged, and followed by a Chinese last name, e.g. Chan)

  • Snow
  • Summer
  • Rain
  • Sunny

Possible conversation:
S: Hi! My name is Sunny! Today is also sunny!
R: Cool! My name is Rain. It rained yesterday.

Or, what about something inspired by nature:

  • Bamboo
  • Spark
  • Shadow

Are you a food lover? Then you’ve gotta be a(n):

  • Egg
  • Kiwi

Love animals? Why not name yourself:

  • Eagle
  • Bear
  • Lion

Proud of who you are? Then these are for you:

  • Handsome (Hello, I am Handsome!)
  • One (Hey there...‘I am…the ONE’ *wink)

So there you have it, the choices are literally endless! What would YOU name yourself?? :)

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TheIslandoftheCathe said...

simply wonderful! I should change my name.

Douglas said...

You are too young to have seen it first hand but when I was a youngster we, in the US, had a TV show which had a character named "Princess Winter Spring Summer Fall." She was a Native American (we called them "Indians" back then because, well, we're Americans). She wasn't really, of course, she was probably an Italian girl from New York City where the show originated. The show was "The Howdy Doody Show"

Boughton??!!!?? said...

i think i would name my self Alive Boughton, hello i am alive... who are you??

what is your new name?

Novel Names said...

Lovely blog Miss Fong! The categories you use are similar to the ones that I use for novel names on my blog. If you have any more funky names, please let me know.

In my limited experience, I reckon there are many reasons why Chinese people choose novel names. The main ones being a poor understanding of the English language and culture, and a wish to stand out from the homogenous crowd.