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Big Eyes = Beautiful

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I was talking to one of my colleagues the other day when I noticed there was something strange about her.

Was it her haircut...? No. New mascara...? Nah. Upon closer examination, I noticed that her eyes were eerily dark and extra large. It wasn't until I noticed it on a few other girls in HK when I connected the dots (or pupils, haha).

Turns out that there are contact lenses here that actually make your eyes look bigger! Similar to colour contacts, these ones feature an extra wide diameter to expand your pupil and make your eyes more 'alluring'... They come in pitch black or winsome (whatever that means) brown, but most girls I've seen have the black ones, which actually look pretty freaky.
Out of curiosity, I bought a pair of brown ones and tried them for a day. The verdict? DRY, oh so dry. Vision was also impaired and I could barely use my computer, things were so blurry. By the end of the day, I didn't know if my eyes had gotten physically bigger due to the contacts or the all-day strain!!

Oh, the things women do for beauty...

PS. If your eyes are already pretty big, it's not really necessary to use these "big eye" contacts... :p
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