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TMV: Too Much Visual

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This morning as I was drying my hair after yoga, I saw a woman behind me making some rough motions between her legs.

I couldn't help but notice her, because she was wrapped in a bath towel, squatting low with her legs spread, one hand holding up her towel at the chest and the other wiping her nether regions back-and forth, back-and-forth at least 10x in a very rough manner. Staring at her with wide eyes, I was even more shocked to see her finish off by taking a stack of wet paper towels out from her crotch and chucking it into the garbage bin.

I know with hot yoga comes a lot of gross things (people burping, farting, pointing my finger right into someone's butt crack, etc.) but it's all been taken to a whole new level here in Hong Kong. From seeing Sasquatch-like hairy legs on little HK ladies to being next to the belching-with-every-sit-up Santa Claus pot-bellied lookalike, I've really had to adjust my comfort zone.

However, what I saw today, I can and will not accept!! If she wants to dry her crotch, she should do it in the toilet dammit!!

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Alfred Kee said...

One word: yuck.

Anonymous said...

you simply stink. get out