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I won!! Not really...

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It seems that I've had pretty good luck since arriving in Hong Kong, at least when it comes to random lucky draws. At a Canadian Chamber networking event, my name card was drawn for (no, not the Manic Street Preachers concert tix) but a 6 month subscription to Quamnet, some kind of stock price analysis company (yippity doo dah.)

At another networking event by HK mag, I won a bottle of Baileys Creme Caramel (now, we're talking!) and just recently, I got an SMS from my yoga centre saying that I won some sort of prize worth HKD 800!

The next time I'm there, I happily go up to the counter and ask for my prize, thinking it might be HKD 800 of Sogo gift certs ^_^ but instead, I get handed a small box and sat down with a membership consultant, telling me that if I sign another contract or extend my membership, I'll have an instant discount of HKD 800.


"So... this box is empty...?" I asked. He chuckles and goes, "No no... there's a gift in there."

Turns out it's just some AquaFresh whitening trays. Quite useful I must say, but I woulda preferred Sogo gift certs :) These HK people sure are sneaky with their marketing tactics!
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Greentea00 said...

really hate all these hk marketing (yoga, cosmetics, spa..) ..they r not only aggressive but they are sneaky and annoying all the time..i've learned enough lessons from them since i moved to hk, so nowadays i became very rude / numb about these..